LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just following the rules

I don’t think people have been listening very well about what happened in the Pennsylvania Starbucks situation.

The CEO has basically put the blame on his manager — that it was a bias issue because of color. But people need to listen that their restroom policy has been changed to allow anyone to use them without purchasing.

The manager was just doing his or her job as put out by company policy. You have accused them of been racial and they need to be apologized to on TV. If I was that manager I would be getting a lawyer and suing the company, the news and the NAACP for making people think of them as a racist.

Yes the manager could have let them but would they had been fired for not following company policy? Sure bias training is good but people also need to follow rules and that’s somewhat of a problem in this country too. Think about it.

Marvin Fortney

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