Letter to the Editor: Just stick to the facts

I rarely engage in public debate but your top story for Nov. 21 specifically states “Trump directed Ukraine quid pro quo, witness says”. Your article references the opening statement made by Ambassador Gordon Sondland to impeachment investigator’s during his official testimony. In fact the majority of the sound bites you provide in your article were from the ambassador’s opening scripted statement that were used by your paper and others to purposely create a false narrative and headline.

What you and the other media leave out for the general public to review is the answers the ambassador gave to the investigator’s tough questions on the topic. For example the ambassador testified under oath directly that President Trump said explicitly to him “no quid pro quo”. His further testimony stated that he had “no direct evidence of a quid pro quo”. The problem lies in the fact that the ambassador was presuming there was a quid pro quo not that he had any direct and personal knowledge to the contrary.

Here lies the problem. Whether you like the president or not or approve or disapprove of the impeachment procedures, your newspaper, along with all the other newspapers, have a succinct responsibility to report all the facts completely and accurately and let the great citizens of our country decide the fate of their president with their own minds and hearts. Influencing public opinion should never be the responsibility of the news media. The old saying “just the facts ma’am” couldn’t be more appropriate at this time…

Frank DiMondi

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