Letter to the Editor: Just tell us what you will do

Medicare for all sounds really great and the best part is that you will have no premiums (at least that what I have heard and read). Plus when they say for all, is Congress included? Or is it going to be like Obamacare where people were exempted from it? So next time you hear them talking about it, ask if Congress is included?

Here is another question we should ask. How do all the doctors feel about this type of medical insurance and are they going to treat patients? How are the hospitals, care centers, etc. going to go along with it? Many questions which I feel they are not able to answer as it is just something they are saying to get your votes with you thinking you’re going get something you want.

Why haven’t the media done any studies on what people today are dealing with in health insurance costs and co-pays and out of pocket. I don’t think they will because you can see how Obamacare makes you pay a high deductible before they even pay anything just like Medicare.

Congress should pass everything they read. I do hope people will think about everything when these people just mention what laws will do but never tell you how it’s going to work for you. It would be nice to hear one of them step up and say If I am elected that this will be this way and how it works. No, they are not going to do that.

Marvin Fortney

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