LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kavanaugh should be disqualified

The young Kavanaugh was obviously an unpleasant character, a truculent drunk, entirely likely to have done what his accusers have claimed.

In his adult life he has become an extremely partisan Republican operative, working with Ken Starr to impeach Bill Clinton, then working on Bush v. Gore – a rank miscarriage of justice in the electoral domain.

His behavior toward the Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee should be disqualifying in itself. Claims of persecution do not befit this transgressor and would-be witch-hunter.

The weaponized Republican campaign to get him on the highest court, including those ridiculous commercials by large groups of lookalike WASP women, will be convincing only to know-nothings.

Senate Republican Majority Leader McConnell brings new hypocrisy and dis-info every day. This is the same man who for 10 months did not allow a hearing for Merrick Garland, a moderate, but is doing all he can to rush through the nomination of the mendacious, extreme partisan Brett Kavanaugh, a child of privilege who saw that cruelty was something he could do without consequences.

Bret Raushenbush

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