Letter to the Editor: Kavanaugh treated badly

Not only are we engaged with the war on terrorism, we’re engaged with a war inside the beltway, from the foothills of Virginia and across the globe. From daily tabloids to inside the beltway and across the country, Brett Kavanaugh has been undressed in front of a live audience and has been retrofitted to make him like Darth Vader — the evil one.

Why wait 35 years to come forward? The red carpet was laid out for Mrs. Ford. I have heard the testimony of Brett Kavanaugh, defamation of character and heartbroken. For Brett there was no red carpet, only the cross.

Sexual misconduct can never be condoned, but we are talking about an alleged incident that was supposed to have happened 35 years ago when they were both teenagers. What is transparent today? We no longer have the ability to reason.

The teenage years should never be allowed to be used as a weapon to measure someone’s character and success, to err is human. There’s nothing that is so extreme today that we won’t say or do in order for us to appear more righteous. .

The faults we see in others are oftentimes the same faults that characterize us, short on virtue but abounding in vices.

Undoubtedly he has been humiliated the subject of great scorn, opposed, hostile and threatened to the point of death. Today, most of the American people see this for what it was worth, a smokescreen to advance their cause and for political gain the purpose to stop him at all costs from taking the court further to the right.

Leonard R. Root

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