Letter to the Editor: Keep Electoral College in place

The push to eliminate the Electoral College will take away the rights of the states to have equal say in a presidential election. Just imagine two or three states being able to elect the president.

Los Angeles, along with cities such as New York, Pittsburgh, etc have larger populations than the states of Delaware, Wyoming, South Dakota, and others and could in effect elect every president.

Presidential candidates would only have to campaign in large inner cities and bypass the smaller states. The framers of the Constitution put the Electoral College in place so smaller states can have an equal say in the election.

The popular vote in a state would determine who gets the states votes. As seen in the 2016 election, the president was elected by the will of the states and did lose the popular vote. That was a showing that the framers realized could happen.

Another way to see is to look at an election map. A majority of the country could vote one way but due to the inner cities, the election be turned. This is nothing more than a way to subvert the Constitution and keep one party in power.

We will be moving away from a republic to a dictatorship. There would never need to be any votes casted in the small states for president as our votes would mean even less.

William Trowbridge

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