LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keep out ‘invaders’

Mr. Gaddis sees the people coming across our southern borders as refugees. I see them as invaders. (“U.S. treatment of asylum seekers is ‘inhumane’,” Letter to the Editor, July 6.

The other day as I traveled through Kent County I noticed quite a few homes had fences around at least a portion of their property. Why? There are lots of gated communities in this country. Why? Doesn’t it make sense we protect our country’s borders with a fence to keep these invaders out?

I watched on TV the interview with one of these invaders with her child. She admitted she had left two other children and husband in her home country. Who is separating who? Let her in this country and the rest of her family will follow ie, other children, husband, grandparents, etc.

It is time to stop the liberal agenda at the border. Make them come in legally. Build a wall and turn back the ones that really just try to take advantage of our welfare system.

Why don’t they want to stay in their home country and fix their own country’s problems? No, they just want to take advantage of the American taxpayer. I agree with the statement Mr. Gaddis stated. May God save the USA but is from him and others of his ilk.

Andy Andrew

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