Letter to the Editor: Keep your eyes on the road

I am writing to express my displeasure with all the motorcycle deaths lately.

First, a pickup took out seven bikers in New Hampshire. Now more recently a local husband and wife were killed on their motorcycle in the Harrington area. These are just two examples I know of.

Drivers need to pay more attention to their surroundings while on the road! Summer is in full swing now and motorcycles are everywhere. I have a couple bikes and I try to be extra careful while I’m riding.

When you ride a motorcycle, you have more awareness about what’s happening around you at intersections and on the roads in general, at least I do. Every time a vehicle cuts me off or pulls out in front of me and I have a chance to talk to them, they say, “Man I didn’t even see you” Put down your phone, turn down your radio and pay attention!

We have turned into a selfish society. Most people on the roads are all about themselves and only care about what’s going on in their little world.

I even see it at a gas station. Every pump is taken, people are waiting for a free pump, and no one that has a pump is in a hurry — just texting in their car or going in to the station and buy a cup of coffee. God forbid they fill their vehicle up and then actually park in a parking space!

I do realize the few bad apples we have who ride motorcycles. Some guys are reckless, going around and in between cars like madmen. This is a two-way street. We need to pay attention to and ride safe. I always make sure my headlight is working and I wear florescent gear as well.

Now let me hit on the other bikes out there this time of year, bicycles! Watch out for these folks too. Our controlling party in this state within the last 10 years-plus has been putting them on the roads with us. How can this go wrong? So when I am in my vehicle, not only do I keep an eye out for motorcycles but now I need to watch out for people on bicycles — let alone people walking on foot.

How can you do all this, text, eat or listen to a loud radio and still drive safely? You can’t folks!

So in conclusion, stop being so concerned with your little world while driving. Have some common courtesy and feelings for others on our roads. Our state’s population and traffic is only increasing and if every driver did their part, roads would flow much smoother and you will arrive to your destinations happy and safely and most importantly, alive!

John Messina Jr.

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