LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kenton endorses Shupe

Having had the honor of representing the 36th District for the last eight years, I wanted to take a moment to endorse one of the candidates seeking to replace me.

Bryan Shupe was born and raised in Milford. He graduated from Milford High School and earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware. Spurning opportunities elsewhere, Bryan returned to Milford, establishing a small business and starting a family.

His wife, Sherry, also created a successful small business — Fur-Baby Boutique & Doggie Daycare — that has become part of the city’s ongoing downtown revitalization.

In addition to his entrepreneurial efforts, Bryan has served the people of Milford as both a city councilman and a two-term mayor. He is a proven public servant whose successful leadership has enhanced the community in which he lives and works.

By contrast, in a column written earlier this year, Bryan’s opponent in the upcoming election stated that he “got on the ballot out of anger.” I would argue that malice is a poor starting point from which to begin a life of public service.

In Bryan Shupe, I see a young family man who will approach his position as state representative with optimism, inspiration, and dedication — traits that I believe make him worthy of the faith you have repeatedly placed in me.

State Rep. Harvey Kenton

EDITOR’S NOTE: Bryan Shupe, a Republican, faces Democrat Don Allan in the upcoming election.

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