Letter to the Editor: Kicking the can down the road

With all the drama about the Schumer/Pelosi shutdown there seems to be little appreciation that the only reason that could happen is because they haven’t done their job down there in DC that the law requires them to do, — which is to produce a budget.

It takes 12 appropriations signed by Sept. 30 to fully fund the government agencies and neither party has done that in over a decade. They fuss and squabble and then kick the can down the road with a “continuing resolution,” which just let’s the cash spigot flow.

Maybe it’s just a sign that the federal government has gotten too big for the Congress critters to handle and they should be put on piece work, pay for performance and no budget, no pay.

That might tighten up on them doing all those foreign junkets and three-day work weeks.

Jim Melville

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