Letter to the Editor: King is right choice in 17th Senate District

Have the people in Delaware had enough of the tax and spend form of government that we have today? Well we in the 17th Senate District can help change that. A vote for a conservative man, a man who will help change the way of thinking of the State Senate by adding common sense to it. A person that supports the Constitution, both USA and state. A business man who knows that you cannot spend more that you take in and stay in business very long. Justin King is that man.

People who live in the rental communities in our state who think that Mr. Paradee passed a law to help protect them should know that his sponsored law has no teeth. That is why the land owners did not fight all that hard to stop it. You have to read the law to see why.

A vote for Justin King will help change the balance in our State Senate to something with a more common sense approach form of government. Justin King will have my vote.

Thomas Bennett

EDITOR’S NOTE: Republican Justin King is facing Democrat Charles “Trey” Pardee in the 17th Senatorial District race.

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