Letter to the Editor: Kudos to animal rescue groups

Thank you can’t be said enough; nor is it enough, to define or explain the feeling of gratitude to all those who go the extra mile to help abandoned, abused and neglected animals. The task is daunting and overwhelming, but these folks rise to the challenge to get the job done.

My heart, and the hearts of other animal lovers, hurt for the lives of these suffering creatures; suffering caused by the hands of those they trusted, those they gave unconditional love to every day only to be tossed aside or worse.

The perpetrators who cause harm are neglectful, or abandon, should have the same done to them. No mercy, no empathy.

For instance, the recent case in Dover where the dog was left behind when the owners moved; chained to a car. Chain them for about a week with no food or water, or any means of getting it. See how it feels. That poor animal didn’t stand chance, but thank God it has been saved.

If it weren’t for rescue groups, a group of caring individuals who come together to become the voice/voices, for our furry friends who cannot speak orally, but speak volumes with their eyes, I can only imagine how much more suffering these poor creatures would endure. It happens far more than we know and, because it angers one to think of how cruel humans can be actually be, we keep it from our minds until it becomes news or we experience an incident for ourselves.

As an avid animal lover myself, I’m fortunate to not have had the worst cases, but I have run across a few that left me reeling with anger. Unfortunately, puppy mills are rampant and they are known to be the worst for animal abuse and neglect. Reporting them doesn’t always help, but one has to try.

Fortunately, through caring hearts, we can only hope that at a little at a time, and day by day, the lives of abused animals can be changed for the better.

Debbie Hilton

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