Letter to the Editor: Labeling President Trump as a racist is absurd

The leftist progressive, socialist, Democrats in America and their left wing sycophant media enablers have labeled President Trump a racist at every opportunity since he announced for president.

Let’s examine the actions of this supposed racist: First – he used the influence of the presidency when in China to secure the release of the three black UCLA basketball players who stupidly thought it was a good idea to steal sunglasses from a Chinese department store. A racist would simply say “I tried but there was nothing I could do.”

Second – he pardoned the black female drug dealer Mrs. Johnson because he thought her sentence was too severe, Obama didn’t, Trump did, would a racist have done so? Absolutely not!.

Third — he pardoned black heavyweight champion boxer Jack Johnson who went to prison for simply dating a white woman. His family has been trying for years to secure his pardon. No other president including Obama would even look at it. President Trump did it because it was the right thing to do. Ask the Johnson families, if Trump is a racist!

Fourth — he secured the release of three Asian Americans from North Korean prisons where they had been for years. Obama, supposedly tried but failed. Webster defines a racist as someone who sees other races as inferior to theirs. That would include black, Hispanic and Asian Americans.

Fifth — President Trump has instituted once again a true free enterprise capitalist economic system by cutting taxes on corporate and also personal rates, rescinding crippling regulations on business resulting in explosive economic growth, leading to the lowest unemployment rates for black and Hispanic-Americans.

Sixth — President Trump has hired hundreds of black and Hispanic male and female employees over the years. He cares about one thing, competence. He never saw color. You got promoted if you were an outstanding employee. Find someone who worked for him who thinks he is a racist, good luck!

Seventh — President Trump supports school choice and vouchers so that black children in failed inner-city schools can get a quality education.

Eighth — He is instituting a prison reform program to provide inmates with educational opportunities designed to help them be employable upon release and to institute better living conditions and we all know a large number of inmates are black.

Among others, he is working with both black rap artist Kanye West and Hall of Fame black running back Jim Brown, who has been an advocate for black causes for 30 years. When asked directly if Trump is a racist Mr. Brown said “absolutely not.” Mr. West famously said ‘I love this man.” Prison reform certainly would not be a priority for a racist.

The left asserts his insistence that NFL players stand for the national anthem, his back and forth with Lebron James and ex White House employee Omarosa as proof of his racism. It is only proof that everyone should stand for our flag and that he will fight black if attacked and doesn’t care what color you are. Calling President Trump a racist, is like calling Mother Theresa an atheist, absurd on its face. The left however, will never give this mantra up.

President Trump is not the only president to have black Americans’ backs. President Lincoln fought a belligerent Congress, actually risking his presidency to free the slaves. He was also a Republican. The KKK murdered black Americans all over the South for years. They were all good old boy Democrats. Everyone convicted of murdering the three young men that went to Mississippi in support of the civil rights movement, were Democrats and KKK members.

Robert Byrd, the longtime iconic Democrat senator, was a grand dragon of the Klan. Could he had reached such a high position without being involved in the lynching of Southern blacks? Unknowable. Hillary Clinton eulogized him saying “He was a great human being, a great senator and my friend”. His KKK background, was unimportant to her but she calls Trump a racist. Can anybody say hypocrite?

That brings us to Gov. George Wallace, who stood on the schoolhouse steps and said “Blacks will never go to school with whites in his state,” and even called out the National
Guard to reinforce his racism. He was also a Democrat. The Civil Rights Act would never have become law because Southern “Dixie” Democrats were in the process of defeating the bill. It was saved only because of the support of Northeast Republicans who had enough votes to get it passed.

Today, cities like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, etc., are economic and social disasters, crime unabated. They have all been exclusively run for over 50 years by progressive, socialist Democrats.

Democrats have destroyed the black communities in their cities with policies that continue to provide failed school systems with substandard education for poor black children which keeps them poorly educated adults dependent on the democrat welfare system.

Democratic administrations in our cities will never permit school choice with vouchers, which will mean inner city black and Hispanic children could get a quality education and get out from under a welfare system meant to keep them dependent and reliable voters. If that is not racism, please explain to me what racism is?

There is a political party that has systemic racism running through it DNA for 150 years to present day and is not the Republican Party or Donald Trump.

Why black Americans continue to vote at a 92 percent clip every four years for whoever the Democrats are running for president, I have no idea. I guess they believe the lie that all Republicans are racist. President Trump was right when he said “What the hell do you have to lose? Vote for me”

Vernon D. Johnson

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