LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Last gasp for the GOP

Is this the last gasp of Republicans to save themselves from being pummeled in the midterms? Trying to paint all Democrats as Socialists? Really?! (“Socialism is a lost cause,” Letter to the Editor, Aug. 24) That would be like me saying all Republicans belong to the Tea Party, or the Freedom Caucus. It’s a blatant lie no one is falling for.

I do hope you’re not doing what Frank Daniels was doing trying to convince people being progressive and being a Socialist is the same thing. (“Democratic Socialism dangerous to our way of life,” Letter to the Editor, Aug. 13) Because they are so different from each other..

Only a few people in Congress identify as a Socialist. Mr. Daniels tried to say Carper was a Socialist and that’s why he shouldn’t be re-elected. No one responded to that claim because they knew it was an outright lie.

While you brought it up could you do me a favor and stop trying to give Trump all the credit for the economy? While some of his actions sped it up, it was already on this track for the past seven years! Regardless of who won in 2016, the economy was going to be doing good. But if you want to give Trump all the credit, then if something goes wrong Trump must get all the blame too. Don’t try to blame someone else like Trump does, blaming Obama for every bad thing.

The same goes for unemployment too. You give Trump all the credit for it being so low but it has been consistently going down for the past seven years. More jobs were created in Obama’s last year in office than in Trump’s first year. But you won’t mention that because it adds a fallacy to your whole reality.

William Wilson

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