I’m taking this opportunity to publicly recognize Dover Councilman Brian Lewis.

It’s so easy to overlook and take for granted the good things some of our public leaders do on a regular basis, not for recognition or rewards, but to simply uphold The Mission, and serve the good people in our communities, just as promised when campaigning to be elected.

I commend Councilman Lewis for always making himself available. To date, he has answered countless questions for me and my associates, given needed direction and clarification on specific matters and has even been spotted right out in the public, assessing safety initiatives and really showing how to take a hands-on approach to things as opposed to simply sitting behind a desk and looking official.

When I identified speeding issues in Morris Estates, he did not minimize the concern due to the fact that this neighborhood only boasts two streets. He actually came out and looked at what could be done. His advocating the reduction of speeding vehicles resulted in a speed/volume study, a second speed limit sign and some extra police patrols to raise awareness of the existing problem. In sum, we weren’t treated any different than a large, well-known, high-end neighborhood.

If Councilman Lewis is in your district, look him up. Have a conversation with him and get to know him. He’s energetic and engaged, and he loves meeting the people that he represents and having fruitful interactions with them, all for the good of the order.

It may not always be the case, but when we voted Brian Lewis in to serve on our city council, we got this one right. We gained a caring and involved professional who continues to do what he said that he would, and much more.

Kevin Senato

EDITOR’S NOTE: Brian Lewis the Democratic candidate for Kent County sheriff.

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