Letter to the Editor: Learn about the U.S. Constitution

Under the current political climate, the U.S. Constitution and its meaning have been debated and dissected by nearly every political pundit on the airwaves and in the press — and often incorrectly in cyberspace. The emoluments clause, pardons, power of the purse, impeachment, eminent domain, the 25th Amendment — all of these issues have been in the news lately. What do they mean? Where can I learn more?

For an objective look at our Constitution, come to The Old State House in Dover. Each Thursday evening from April 4 to April 25, from 5:30 to 6:30, the museum will present its annual Coffee-Hour Lecture Series. This year’s theme is the U.S. Constitution. Historical interpreters and educators will give a historical background to the document and explain each article and its amendments. Through lecture, discussion, vignettes and interactive audience participation, the museum hopes to present a clear understanding of this marvelous document in plain English.

The four programs will look at the Constitution’s creation and ratification, its articles and amendments and the many court cases that interpret our rights. Many of us have not studied the Constitution since the 5th grade. It’s time for a refresher course. So don’t miss this free opportunity to learn of the workings of our government and enjoy free coffee and cookies.

Dennis Fisher

Dennis Fisher is a former social studies teacher in Delaware.

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