Letter to the Editor: Leave no man behind

No man or woman can ever say they have maximized their God-given human potential. Too many human frailties result in who we are rather than what we could become. Hail to the military for their efforts to groom us to become good soldiers. However, it takes years to become the best we can be in the military and in civilian life. The two primary goals that are taught to soldiers in the military are to accomplish the mission and take care of your people. Easily said than done, but nevertheless, worthy of striving for.

One thing is for sure. We all need to develop a moral compass that guides us to make the correct decisions in living together with one another especially if we want to create a more peaceful world. As the saying goes, we really are all in this together.

There is often conflict between a parent and child if they feel one is getting more attention than the other from one or both parents. My cousin, an only child, was sent off to the Korean War by his father who kept reminding him, or was he nagging him, to prove his manhood. He became a medic and served in the Korean conflict in the 50s. He was involved in a firefight and ran out to save a wounded comrade. He was mortally wounded and another soldier with him wrote his parents and visited them offering his condolences.

The message from this event is that “no man should be left behind here and everywhere” in the world as well as the battlefield. Unfortunately, we have created our own battlefield that needs remediation. We can all play a part in creating a more peaceful world if we think about who we are and examine our frailties and work to eliminate them. We should all learn to have each other’s back instead of having so much prejudice and discrimination ruling our psyches due to individual and cultural differences that divide us. Think about developing a more mature moral compass.

Bill Clemens

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