Letter to the Editor: Legislative larceny

The first crime that a politician performs is when they take their oath of office and have no intent to uphold and defend the Constitution of United States of America, which is their limit and jurisdiction of powers.

Their oath of office is their word binding them to the constitutional form of government that we have. When they violate their word under penalty of perjury, and are not held and prosecuted for that, what is to stop them from completely destroying the Constitution? Because when you lie you are stealing the truth. You have lost all credibility you are not only a liar but you are a thief, and therefore unworthy to hold any public office because you have violated the public’s trust!

You took a job as a fiduciary for the people and if you only use that position to lie cheat and steal, you have created a criminal enterprise out of the office of government, and the government cannot exist without integrity.

The unsafe gun storage bill threatens every gun owner’s rights, but directly discriminates against those who are handicapped and do not have the luxury and physical capabilities as healthy and uninjured individuals.

Bill Sharpe

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