Letter to the Editor: Legislators: Make our schools safer

The latest chapter in the ongoing massacre of American children occurred on Nov. 14 in Santa Clarita, California, where a young man pulled a pistol from his backpack. Sixteen seconds later, two teenagers had been killed and four others were wounded, including the gunman, who later died.

Children all over the U.S. were once again reminded that they could be killed or injured just by showing up at school.

Here in Delaware we had the opportunity in 2019 to pass legislation to address the crises of mass shootings, homicides, and suicides. Unfortunately, because of an unusual alliance between gun advocates, Democratic leadership and members of labor unions, several gun-control bills were stuck in committee.

When the Delaware General Assembly returns in January they can do the responsible thing and take action on

• Senate Bill 68 which prohibits assault weapons in Delaware

• Senate Bill 70 which prohibits magazines with a capacity to accept more than 15 rounds of ammunition

• Senate Bill 82 which requires a qualified purchaser card in order to buy firearms.

It’s time for the members of the Delaware General Assembly to tell the children of Delaware they will make their schools safer by voting for meaningful gun legislation.

Ruth and Gerald Cohen
Co-chairs of the Gun Safety Committee,
Progressive Democrats of Sussex County

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