Letter to the Editor: Let’s all ask!

More shootings (El Paso and Dayton), tragedy in our land again! The words “domestic terrorism” are now commonly part of the news. This is a crisis in our own land.

We spend $750 billion a year on our military to fight for us over there so that we should enjoy peace, safety, and have a pleasant society over here! we don’t have one!

Tougher background checks are a must, yet our government can’t get it done.

So I’m asking Hollywood to stop making those blow-it-up and shoot them down movies. Try it for five years! I’m asking actors to refuse parts in these violent movies. Television too! Let’s have more friendly, happy programs that make you laugh.

I’m asking Google, YouTube and others on the internet to not allow violent, dark, cultish, weird sites on the web — really clean it up!

I’m asking parents to do a better job checking what their children are viewing on the web.

I’m asking schools and parents to be tougher on students who are bullies. Let’s have a law, if there is an incident of bullying, the parents of the bully should get a $500 fine and the child would have to write a two-page apology to the child he/she attacked and to the community. The child would have to read the apology out loud in front of town hall. The fine could be waived if the child does this. Also the bully and his victims would be banned from owning a gun for a lifetime.

I’m asking the young people for their ideas about this issue. Let’s take them seriously!

I’m asking the communities of faith (churches, etc.) for a campaign to fight this problem. Banners, bumper stickers, T-shirts, billboards with the most peaceful, caring, loving, hopeful, positive messages you have to offer. As a Christian, I know that God is love and Jesus commands us to love people. We fail that command if we hate others.

I’m asking the techy people to develop devices that will help. Fingerprint guns are a good idea. Maybe guns with sensors built in that would alert anyone (quietly) with a cell phone that a gun is in the area. If a bad situation is about to happen, the cell phone user could sound an alarm and alert the police at the same time! Maybe gun sensors in Walmart parking lots that would sound an alarm and stop a shooter before he reaches the front door! I have found a police car siren on YouTube that could be used (wisely) to break the mindset of a criminal — turn him around!

I’m asking the president of the USA to choose his words carefully. I’m getting mixed messages from him. I don’t really know how he really feels about anything!

I’m asking that the Democrats and Republicans stop referring to each other as Nazis, Socialists, Communists, etc. If they really are (Nazis, etc.) then the American voter needs to vote for another party.

I’m asking that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) stop wearing military gear on the raids. It just feeds the problem. Its like a live video game (which are a problem too!). Simple uniforms will do just as well and maybe not scare little children. And we should keep families together no matter what! The ICE actions now are Nazi-like.

You know, many other countries have more peaceful societies than we do. Let’s love America the people, not America – some idea. That’s what will make us the greatest!

Joseph Stine

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