Letter to the Editor: Let’s hold off on that ‘blue wave’ come Election Day

Perhaps Ms. Dorothy Mallozzi should have waited a few days before penning her “Republicans taking voters for fools” letter (Nov. 3). The entire substance of her comments were the same old tired Democratic talking points that have finally awakened millions who were formerly Democrats.

I’m also not sure that the analogy of a “blue-footed booby” should be used after the promised “blue wave” we’re to see Nov. 6. I do know that spreading the same tired rhetoric supplied by the propaganda ministers of the socialist Democrats is going to play that well.

Let’s address a few things: Donald J. Trump is said to be worth $3.1 billion. Losing $9 million in any business venture for someone with those assets is commonplace and to try and impugn his acumen for the deal by using it makes no sense at all. With those assets, he could BE the bank and never need one. Trying to tie that to the Russian mafia is even more laughable. Robert Mueller has spent millions of taxpayer dollars over two years and still has nothing to even hint that.

Though I simply don’t have the mental capacity to understand the current Democrat strategy, I simply have to wonder why there’s such a need to vilify this president.

In just the month of October, over 250,000 jobs were added which makes a total of 3 million since his election. Wages per capita are the highest they’ve been since George W. Bush left office. China has been put on notice as to their trade practices. We are in talks with the North Koreans for the first time ever, Russia is again worried about the protection from Europe. The Iranians have had their boondoggle ended. He’s trashed the NAFTA agreement and established fair market value of items imported from Mexico and Canada.

He’s exposed the United Nations to the world for their corruption, and he’s restored the pride to military, police and firemen across the nation. This man has either met or is working to meet every campaign promise that he made before his election.

Now I would ask Ms. Mallozzi to list the accomplishments of her vaunted Democrats. Delaware has one of the most useless congressional delegations in the country who are being propped up by only one county of our state. One senator admitted spousal abuse and another proclaimed that an individual is guilty until he can prove his own innocence. He actually delayed and impugned a Supreme Court nominee with evidence that continues to fall apart every day.

You have a representative from California who openly incited domestic terrorism and who, if your “Blue Wave” happens has promised to raise our taxes and get even for all her perceived grievances. She brags that most of the chairs will come from the Congressional Black Caucus, which has openly embraced Louis Farrakhan.

That same wave will produce a person two heartbeats away from the presidency who has claimed that illegal aliens actually have protection under our Constitution and deserve sanctuary. You have a chair of the Democratic National Committee who, along with his deputy being a spousal abuser who advocates infusing 110,000 illegals in his home state. Lest we forget, the state of Georgia has a contender for its governor who is $200,000 in debt with an IRS tab of $54,000 of it. While she claims that’s no reason, she shouldn’t be governor, she’s already addressed that she intends to raise taxes to pay for programs aimed at illegal aliens.

I submit that it’s not the Republicans who’re attempting to make fools of voters but those from the Democratic Party who’ve turned to socialism and utilize those propaganda techniques on the general populace.

George Roof

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