LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lewis will bring new leadership with new vision

After reading in Saturday’s DSN “Dover councilman Lewis to run for Kent County sheriff” I am pleased to say I know Brian Lewis both as a law enforcement colleague with the Delaware Department of Correction for many years and Brother Moose of the Camden/Wyoming Moose Lodge 203.

I am excited to see him run to become our next Kent County sheriff. He is a man of courage, character and definitely all about the community. Lewi’s strong leadership, management and interpersonal skills, make him an outstanding choice for Kent County Sheriff. Throughout his professional life, he has proven to be a dedicated public servant for the people and his record of serve through the years should speak for itself.

Brian Lewis will have my vote not because he is running as a Democrat but rather because I believe he is the best candidate for the position and will best face the needs ahead of our tight knit community of Kent County.

His energy, his genuine interest in the people he serves, his honesty, his dedication to the law, his openness to all ideas, and his outstanding credentials in law enforcement make him a candidate that all of us, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents, can support.

Edward Yankwitt

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