Letter to the Editor: Limit keystrokes

In response to the letter published on limiting ammunition.

The author states that mass shooters stockpile ammunition. I contend that while mass shooters might stockpile ammunition, not everyone who stockpiles ammunition is a mass shooter. In other words, stockpiling ammunition is not a “tell” of a mass shooter. Ergo, his idea wouldn’t work. I suggest that hateful rhetoric is a much greater indicator of pending mass shootings, more so than a “cheaper in bulk” box of 1,000 FMJ Federal freedom seeds.

The real problem here is rhetoric. Mass shooters are stirred up by movements online and encouragement from other hate-filled keyboard warriors. I propose that the federal government should enact a law stipulating the number of keystrokes which can be used per month, except by governments, school English departments, and blogs.

If, for example, 50,000 keystrokes a month was the limit, and any interest or request beyond that limit would necessitate an immediate contact with the FBI and/ or FCC. Keystrokes are the fuel and motor of online speech. If monitored and well publicized, some weak-minded individuals may reconsider mass shooting situations.

Ryan Yoder
Ej Ejido, Spain (Formerly of Dover)

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