Letter to the Editor: Litter in Delaware is embarrassing

This letter is in response to a March 25 Speak Out in the Delaware State News about littering in Delaware.

As a lifelong resident, I was always proud of Delaware. But I can no longer say that because it has become a pigpen and the trashiest state in the country. I can’t believe all the trash that is everywhere.

I had to laugh at the ad on the TV about discover beautiful Delaware. If they showed the real Delaware, no one would come here.

I have been talking to some friends and if our elected officials won’t do anything to stop this, then maybe we should make up a Delaware calendar for next year and for every month we can put a picture of different trash piles and trashed up roadways. On the calendars we can put, “Come visit the trashiest state in America because you won’t believe it”.

It has gotten so bad that I am ashamed to ask friends from out of state to come visit because they can’t believe it either. They say the prisons are overcrowded. Then let more of the prisoners out to clean up the trash, and the ones that are caught littering; give them a large fine.

A second offense should be fined more and make them do time cleaning up the trash while wearing a bright orange shirt saying, “I am a pig for littering”.

God gave us this be beautiful Earth, so let’s keep it that way.

Linwood Killen Jr.

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