Letter to the Editor: Littering is ‘out of control’

I agree with Mr. Dave Moeller. (“Steps needed to reduce litter in Delaware,” March 23).

It has been less than one year that my husband and I have moved to Kent County. One of the reasons that we chose Kent County was for it’s natural beauty. What is happening to Kent County and the rest of the state? There’s litter everywhere!!

We live off Brenford Road and South Dupont Highway. Bottles, empty food containers, automobile tires, trash bags filled with obvious household items are being dumped on the curbsides. All you have to do is drive down Brenford Road and it is so apparent. The littering is out of control!

We have not seen any signs posted anywhere for littering penalties.

Resources are needed in Kent County and throughout the state of Delaware to keep our roads and curbsides cleaned. Perhaps Kent County and the other two counties should have those that have been assigned “Community Service” clean our roads and curbsides and have penalties imposed to those that are breaking the law.

The beauty of Kent County is diminishing.

What a shame!!

Iris Acosta

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