Letter to the Editor: Lodging tax another governmental overreach

State legislation recently gave Kent and Sussex counties the approval to enact a lodging tax of up to 3 percent lodging tax.

This is another example of the government interfering with the free market via taxation. The tax will hurt the business owners who run hotels and motels. Demand for their services will go down as the cost of staying in a hotel is now artificially increased due to government involvement. Basic economics teaches us that whether the consumer or the business is taxed, the price of goods and services will be raised. This makes it more expensive for people to rent hotel rooms and means less business for hotel owners.

When will our legislators stop trying to gain “revenue” for the state? We need less government, not more. If we want to produce more wealth as a state, the solution is not to tax businesses and hope the government will use the money efficiently. A better option is to stop adding new taxes and allow businesses to continue to create jobs and provide value to our state.

Chris Hume

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