Letter to the Editor: Lodging tax questions

Sunday’s State News article, “Lodging tax hikes…” where Kent County and Dover plan on implementing a 3% tax each on lodging, with Kent County’s estimated $950,000 would directly benefit the Kent County Regional Sports Complex Corp. This is a self-described “nonprofit public/private partnership” that owns DE Turf sports complex near Frederica, and means that this nonprofit that charges teams to play on the their turf will actually reap a profit from the lodging taxes. Or are these teams not charged, but play for free?

DE Turf is unable to sustain itself? What investor would initiate or finance such a project that did not at least make enough money to run itself? Who is on the board of directors, and how much salary does each receive? Is this another back door deal? The facts do not add up that a project described itself as a nonprofit will be funded by taxes. Maybe that’s why the corporation added “public” to its “private” self-description. Inquiring minds want to know.

Gloria Markowitz

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