Letter to the Editor: Mainstay of the media

The currently definitive format of the media should not be their selected More Evolving Doctrine Imparting Anxiety. Their target of choice begins at the top. President Trump and his ever-changing administration is their main food for thought.

Every effort and action the president has taken and designated to endorse, the majority of leftist media stand firm and at the ready to deflate, deplore and determine to be an anti-progressive effort damaging to their cause.

There have been many media operatives who salivate and rejoice in the detrimental, formidable attacks designated as anti-Trump rhetoric. Never do they offer the positive within their valued analysis that under Trump’s tutelage America’s unemployment rate is now the lowest in America’s history.

Manufacturing has strongly returned to American shores. Something we were told by the prior administration would never occur. Our brave military now know their commander-in-chief has their back and is furnishing them with the necessary requirements they had been denied in previous years but now have secured the modern weaponry, guidance and leadership that had been denied them.

The major immigration problem must be favorably resolved. That means cooperation must be the primary focus among all parties involved. The olive branch has been extended by the president to both New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and California’s House Minority/Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi who at this point in time refuse to reciprocate with a positive reply. Unfortunately, politics as usual.

The Democrats are allowing the tragic immigration events to emerge in this tribunal of humanity errors. They have determined a delaying tactic will benefit their party and deem them to be viewed as innocent victims of circumstance while attempting to emerge the winner in this game of thrones.

They want to return to their once powerful past that brought America downfall at a speed faster than lightning. Why do they not realize their hurtful recourse is damaging to all of America? Americans are entitled to know the truth. The honesty of fact must be presented by all elements of the media — not preferential observations.

Yellow journalism must never be allowed to flourish in our world of news authenticity. The entire world of media must write and speak the veracity of facts.

America decrees the truth must triumph. Let us demand that this will be the mainstay of the news.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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