Letter to the Editor: Marginalizing citizens’ rights

I am hurt by our current crop of legislators who would marginalize one of my most important rights as an American citizen, to count my vote under a system established by our country’s forefathers.

No matter how the political spin doctors play the words, and no matter that two of our recent elections were decided, not by a popular vote, but the Electoral College, the framers of our Constitution understood that power could be swayed by a larger centralized group of people, leaving the smaller, less populated groups standing in the wings.

Some state that it would result in a larger turnout of local voters but explain to me how? We know one party has an extremely larger vote. Would it encourage more from the other side to come out, especially if it is generally known that the larger population areas have wrapped up a nomination?

This is why 11 states have given away some of their political power and Delaware may have already done so by the time this letter reaches the paper. No one party should have a stranglehold on the election process, no matter if I am happy with the results or not.

Gary Morris

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