Letter to the Editor: Marijuana myths

I am sorry to see so many myths and so much misinformation surrounding cannabis legalization. Per a recent UD poll, over 60% of Delawareans support it, and rightfully so.

THC, cannabis’ active drug, is not physically addictive, nor does it lead to aggressive or violent behavior. Yet alcohol, which is physically addictive and causes many social ills, is legal.

Cannabis legalization will not lead to a significant uptick in its consumption. Millions of Americans already use cannabis regularly. Since legalization, Colorado has experienced no significant increase in cannabis usage, if any at all.

Legalization has produced only positive effects in other states, including decreased opioid-related deaths. Cannabis treats many physical and mental conditions. Taxing cannabis sales has provided states with a major, steady new stream of revenue.

Furthermore, we must stop imprisoning individuals for possessing any amount of cannabis, or growing it. Also, all cannabis-related charges should be dropped and expunged from affected individuals’ records immediately. Current laws unfairly target people of color and less affluent individuals; remove them unnecessarily from families, jobs, and communities; and brand them with life-changing criminal records.

Empirical research and history show us that cannabis legalization promises us much to gain and nothing to lose.

Eric Morrison

Mr. Morrison is a Democratic candidate for the Delaware State House of Representatives, 27th District.

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