LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCain funeral was a ‘mockery’

As I sat by the TV to watch the funeral of the late Sen. John McCain, I couldn’t believe what a mockery of it was.

All of those who were asked to speak should be ashamed of themselves. As for Megan, the eulogy that she gave was all about the time she spent with her father, not a word was uttered about her siblings’ time with their father, he was their father too!

To say what she did about this country, thanks for using the words from President Trump’s campaign, “Let us make this country great again.” Thanks for acknowledging our president.

For all of you who took potshots at our president, shame on you! The funeral of the late senator was not the time or place to do so, shame on you! If each and every one of you look back and see what each of you have accomplished since you’ve been in office you probably you could say nothing.

All this rhetoric about President Trump is just a smoke screen to take the heat off Hillary Clinton. She is the one that should be prosecuted, not President Trump.

Our president has a lethal weapon — his tongue, I agree with that. But how many of us season our words with wisdom?

In closing, go President Trump, and build that wall.

Marjorie R. Root

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