LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McCain’s tributes offer America hope

When one viewed Sen. John Sidney McCain III’s final commemorations and tributes held at the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday, Sept. 1 one could also view the many political participants throughout the House and Senate representations seated in that holy environment.

Sen. McCain’s loving family expressed quite succinctly the love and devoted caring Sen. McCain had given his mother, wife and children. The emotional eulogy delivered by daughter Meghan McCain was one of the many beautiful and heartfelt remembrances she extended to her dearly departed father. Not a dry eye was in that Washington National Cathedral.

At that point in time, one watched and listened to both Democrat and Republican join together to pay tribute to a true, patriotic American. One that they may not have always agreed with but throughout his lengthy, positive period of public service was a voice to be heard and respected by both sides of the aisle. A voice that must be remembered and honored by all that gathered at this solemn occasion.

America deserves only their best efforts to do the right thing for all Americans. Their bickering, accusatory and controversial rhetoric is thoroughly unacceptable at this critical time of America’s being. American leadership should not be a gaggle of party political antagonists . Sen. McCain was not one to mince words. He spoke his mind with truth and an honest observation of American need for justice.

Sen. McCain was direct in his thought, word and deed — no spoken niceties the political arena is so prone to pronounce. He was a maverick in the true American sense of the word. Mavericks were what built our beloved country. We need more of them now more than ever. He did march to the tune of a different drummer. That march was permeated by his belief that all Americans deserve the best efforts of our American leaders. To work together for the solution to any issue or problem that arises and be resolved with compromise by both sides of the aisle.

Compromise is not a dirty word. It is a positive answer to the problems that surround America today both foreign and domestic. Do not damage John McCain’s legacy by the continual battles of superiority that Washington, D.C. is now perpetrating.

The Oval Office and Congress must be able to find a way to resolution and redemption of their differences those hallowed goals that John McCain had worked for all of his life.

John McCain was a heroic warrior who suffered immeasurable torture at the Hanoi Hilton in Viet Nam but was also brave and strong enough to forgive his enemy and offer his extended hand of American friendship and a solid relationship between nations.

We must honor Sen. McCain’s legacy by continuing on the path he trod with dedication, honor, humor and reciprocal relationships between all Washington political friends and/or adversaries. He will be remembered as a success in his belief that Washington could be a better governing unit if the practice of commitment to truth, justice and the American way prevailed at all levels throughout its domain.

We owe that tribute to a great American patriot — Sen. John Sidney McCain III.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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