LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McGuinness for State Auditor

Kathy McGuiness is the person to support for the Office of State Auditor.

The State Auditor needs to be a top administrator, manager and go-getter to uncover fraud and waste in our government.

The job involves monitoring the finances in every government office to insure our state income and tax dollars are spent wisely.

Kathy is perfect for this task with her almost 20 years as a Rehoboth City Commissioner, founding president, treasurer and longtime board member of Rehoboth Beach Main Street overseeing the first dozen years of its growth, and financial success, years as a certified pharmacist and successful business owner.

Kathy has the smarts, drive, experience and people skills to manage a complex office, hire and motivate a smart staff, and help make our government spending smarter and more effective, trimming out waste.

Kathy McGuiness is a problem solver with the energy to strengthen this office and make it work for us. Ask anyone in Rehoboth who they go to with issues from parking to potholes; finances to business development — they will tell you, Kathy McGuiness.

I urge you to join me in electing Kathy McGuiness for Delaware State Auditor.

Patricia “Pattie” Magee
Rehoboth Beach

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