LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McGuiness the smart choice

I write to remind registered voters that Thursday Sept. 6 is the primary election.

As the immediate past chair of the Sussex County Democratic Party and the former Chief Deputy Insurance Commissioner, I want an auditor who will have the guts to audit every state agency and expose any fraud, waste and abuse uncovered. That is why I will vote for Kathy McGuiness.

I also want an suditor with well-rounded and wide-ranging experience so that, once sworn in, that person can work with the auditor’s professional staff and other elected officials to get the office back to the strength needed to properly audit all agencies, departments and nonprofits receiving our tax dollars. Also important is having someone who can use that office to represent and stand up for those in Kent and Sussex counties.

There are three candidates, but only one who meets the requirements above.

Kathy McGuiness has served the people of Rehoboth Beach well as an elected city commissioner. She has headed nonprofits and understands living within a budget and adhering to the law. She has owned small businesses and knows the importance of hiring and empowering employees.

I find the talk of qualifications interesting. My life experience teaches me that having a degree or a license merely allows one to practice a trade or profession. It is not an indicator of competence or ethics. One needs to look at all about a candidate.

Kathy McGuiness is not running to get a job, but to do a job. She is not running to avenge real or perceived wrong doing, but to continue her service to the people of our state. I look forward to voting for her on Sept. 6 and beyond.

Mitch Crane, Esq.

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