LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McKenna deserves to be re-elected

Betty Lou McKenna has served four terms as the Kent County Recorder of Deeds and has done a wonderful job in my opinion in that position.

Ms. McKenna and her office is always there to help the citizens of Kent County by correctly recording and indexing documents in a timely and efficient manner, by courteously responding to the request of her fellow Kent County citizens and giving the best help that she can in providing information to them.

I can proudly say that under Ms. McKenna’s watch I have never heard of title fraud (or house stealing). Her office is secure because several layers of checks and balances are in place before titles even arrive to be recorded.

All of the deeds that could possibly transfer into someone else’s name illegally have already been searched by a title searcher before they are recorded by recorder’s office.

Being a great servant to Kent County, she deserves another term as the Kent County Recorder of Deeds. You know the old saying, if the wheel is not broken don’t fix it. So that’s why we need to keep Ms. McKenna as our Kent County Recorder of Deeds.

David W. Mazur

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