Letter to the Editor: Meeting in the middle

Why do the Democrats treat the whistleblowers differently? This one they are protecting but when Edward Snowden came out when Obama was president they put his name out there and he had to flee the U.S. for his safety.

But now since it against a Republican, the Democrats want to protect him or her. But this is the pattern. Every thing is this way. If a Democrat states something that might be offensive they are allowed to retract but yet if Republican does, it sticks. And the news media does the same.

How do you expect to make a country work together if there two sets of rules. I want to know who the whistleblower is, as do other Americans.

Here is another one that has been covered up because we had some named Democrats there at the island where underage girls were. Why weren’t the names released for public to view? Because too many are Democrats of importance. I like to see the names or my guess is now that all evidence has been destroyed.

You’re supposed to be representing all the people of your state not just the ones that voted you in. You always say you do but never do. Sure it’s the same on the Republican side too. Congress needs to meet in the middle, not to the left and not to the right but the middle and get things done for Americans.

Marvin Fortney

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