LETTER TO THE EDITOR: MeToo movement ignoring Clinton’s transgressions

Over the past few months many people have been accused of sexual misconduct with various repercussions to include one being found guilty by a trial of peers with one awaiting trial.

However, so far anyway, the others have only been accused (some for actions from years past) with devastating and immediate results. The “MeToo” movement has brought about these actions simply based on the word of those who say they are/were victims. This letter is not to defend or support those accusers or even the accused but rather to bring to light what this writer considers to be the hypocrisy of the MeToo movment when it comes to a certain person.

I refer of course to the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. I watched with interest the recent interview as Mr. Clinton was on his book tour. It amazed me that before the interview was over he was actually attempting to deflect the questions concerning allegations of his sexual misconduct into sympathy for himself by stating how broke he was when he left the White House. They don’t call him “Slick Willie” for nothing!

In addition, it would be remiss of me to forget about how Hillary defended him so passionately by demeaning, slandering and even threatening those who dare accused her Bill of committing those terrible acts which, by the way, included outright “rape.” In addition, isn’t it strange how the Clinton’s have accepted millions from countries where women are treated and considered even lower than second class citizens? Why are women not up in arms over that?

But my main subject is why has the MeToo movement so conveniently disappeared when it comes to Mr. Clinton? I have not read, heard or seen anything since that interview about what he was accused of. In fact, MeToo went very silent for a few weeks after that interview but finally raised its voice yesterday when I observed a TV program outlining some allegations from two women about some misconduct on the part of someone (I didn’t catch a name).

So why hasn’t MeToo or women in general been up in arms and out on the streets over the allegations made by several women about Bill’s sexual escapades? They certainly didn’t waste time getting many people fired from their positions along with other actions! And some of those allegations against Bill go back to when he was the governor of Arkansas and that is a long time ago. Could it be that just because the name is Clinton that everyone just looks the other way?

Is it is because of who he was or she was or it is outright fear? There is no doubt there is a two-tiered justice system in America, at least when it comes to the Clintons.

Joe Schell

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