Letter to the Editor: Missing the point

Well, well. What do we have here? Another expert on education who, I would guess, hasn’t set foot in a classroom since he left school. (“It’s their own fault,” Letter to the Editor, Dec. 6)

If he had, he would know what it’s like in classrooms today. He obviously missed the point of the story. The writer was talking about violent kids in the classroom and assaults on teachers by kids, not dangers from outside the school.

By the way, every teachers’ organization I belonged to during my teaching career advocated for safer schools and many times it was the parents who didn’t want their darlings disciplined. I was told many times by parents in conferences with problem students, their parents and school principals that either the parent couldn’t do anything with their son or daughter so it’s up to the school to do what they should have done or the school isn’t allowed to discipline their child.

Try stepping outside of your Fox -induced bubble and volunteer in a school and see what they are like today. You may learn something.

Steve Caporiccio

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