Letter to the Editor: Modify the Prison Litigation Reform Act

While in prison, helping so many inmates file lawsuits to challenge the cruelty of their conditions of confinement, the rampant abuse, and the extreme medical neglect, I was struck by how awful — what an obstruction to justice — the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) was!

It creates unnecessary roadblocks, is loaded with technical requirements which virtually no inmate can understand, and is flat-out extremely unfair!

Bad news and good news: Bad- America’s prisons still are a disaster. Good – Presidential candidates are discussing this, including the PLRA

One of the best things that could happen to reduce crime in America would be eliminating the PLRA! How’s that? Doing so would enable more inmates’ access to the courts, and courts could meet out justice to deter the abuses, and order more of the many systemic improvements needed.

Such litigation might force the proper instruction of “classes” and “programs” intended to educate and improve people, changing them from the completely unhelpful “Bull Sessions” which they have become and which I have seen!

This would reduce crime, because inmates would not be so “furious with authority” when released.

Ken Abraham

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