Letter to the Editor: Morality over politics

Jonathan Patz in his letter to the editor describes legislation to limit abortions as an attempt to impose a religious point of view on a political issue. (“Mixing politics with religion,” Jan. 28)

He uses the argument that the a large portion of the state’s population does not support this point of view. His thinking is mistaken in at least two ways: 1] our state government is not a democracy, but a representative republic. Do the people of Sen. Richardson’s district support him, obviously, as they elected him, and 2] and why would it be necessary to limit ending the life of an unborn human being [aka “abortion”]?

Because it is a moral issue, not political. Unfortunately Patz does not understand what a theocracy really is if he thinks “so many members…” of his party are trying to combine the two forms of government [theocracy and democracy], neither of which describe our state or federal government.

George Bowers

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