LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More positive, less negative

During a recent unexpected hospital admission, the patient advocate came into my room and asked if she could bring in a group to sing for me. I agreed and what a pleasant surprise when eight clean-cut good-looking young men came into my room and performed.

The harmonies were absolutely beautiful and as a former Sweet Adeline, I told them how much I appreciated that type of music. I was rewarded with another song before they left. Thank you Phi Mu Alpha from Delaware State University.

Unfortunately, this kind act will not be in the newspaper, it will not be shown on TV; it will not be talked about for weeks or months to come. I believe the world would be a better place if more attention were paid to the positive rather than just the negative. Yes, this is not sensational news, it will not sell more copies of newspapers but it will show that there is still so much good in the world that goes unnoticed.

Thank you Bayhealth. Thank you Phi Mu Alpha.

Joan Peculski

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