LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More respect needed

Let me start with our rights. We were founded by our forefathers as one nation under God, but we are not allowed to say God in our schools, or say the pledge of allegiance in most. Without a reminder of God, and allegiance to no one but ourselves, there are mass shootings by students of other students because if we can’t respect God, we can’t respect each other.

We can’t respect those who have died for our country, because we must disrespect our flag in protest, and on and on. I just say we have a right to say the pledge of allegiance, we have a right to stand for our flag (those who do not wish to do so should disappear from the field – not being there speaks of their protest).

We have a right to bear arms, but not kill innocent people with our guns. We should have much better background checks on those who want to bear arms and their immediate families. Bring back our rights before we self destruct as a nation.

A limit on the use of cell phones and social media on computers would also help.

Please America and thank you.

Dottie Renk

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