LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More selective amnesia from the right

Mr. Daniels, like many on the far right, is suffering from that epidemic of the far right GOP — selective amnesia. I doubt he sees the irony in many of his statements about “elected officials…grandstand and make statements that are absolutely absurd.”

Has he listened to any rantings from the president lately? As usual with the reactionary right who suffer from this specific type of amnesia, he forgot who started the polarization by calling the duly elected president names in 2008, he forgot that Mitch McConnell was the senator who vowed to oppose anything President Obama proposed, that McConnell started the politicalization of the Supreme Court selection by refusing to hold hearings for Pres. Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, and that the duly elected president bragged about molesting women and mocked people with disabilities.

I do agree with him on one thing. He stated “…This circus must end .” and it must by people of good conscience voting in Nov. and put the brakes on this sham of an administration. Surely a man who reached the rank of Colonel in the Air Force should be able to see the irony in what he wrote. I know I will never change his mind but I can’t let his statements go unchallenged.

Steve Caporiccio


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