LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Move toward socialism an unwelcome one

Without a doubt, after reading (“Carper no friend of the environment,” Commentary, July 23) it left my head spinning. Not because Delaware’s senator is not lackadaisical in his application of interest towards clean water, clean air, but in its ending chapters, whereas its author makes a statement about giving Kerri Evelyn Harris, sort of a clone of the confirmed Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a chance.

The Democratic Party has been heading left since 2004, making huge strides towards a Venezuelan-type government, everything free, no one to pay for it, we all go bankrupt, store shelves contain dust and without groceries, riots in the streets, government shooting its citizens to assure their silenced agreement to all things coming down the pipe.

Folks, are we really ready to throw our whole country away? Are we ready to allow borders lined with welcome signs? Are we ready for footing all those related bills of having all the down and out marching cross the border, instead of staying and getting their country back? Are we ready for our credit rating (already bad) heading for the toilet? ‘

Are we ready for more false stories about how great those illegal entries add to our economy? Lets just stop there. In 1973, jobs like landscapers, brick layers, drywallers, road building, all types of construction jobs paid well, many between $21/45/hr., whereas their firms paid their FICA, many gave health care. After the illegals crossed the borders, looking for jobs, the first ones they attacked were the easily trained, quick to learn, whose owners were more then willing to drop the $21/$45/hr guys for the $10/hr under the tables, no tax taken, no benefits paid workers. That is what happened here. They add nothing and took plenty from America’s low-trained youth.

So now we are expected to be once again saved by the Socialist. For me, as a good, tax-paying America, I want protected borders, low taxes, safe and protected streets, where great jobs are available to all who live here legally.

I moved here from the Socialist state of Maryland, where their government believes what is yours is theirs’s; what you own, they want it too’ what you do, they wish to fully control. I had thought I had gotten away from their purgatory, just south of hell.

I have no idea who is their Republican competitor, but I assure you, come Election Day, if I have to cross fire, swipe away ice, blow through fog, or jump over rivers, my body shall be hitting the button to the guy or gal who will stay out of my life named Republican.

Let me live my life as I so desire, not them, and do it in my beloved LSD, Lower Slower Delaware, the place I now love.

Peter Creager

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