Letter to the Editor: Moving forward in Dover

No doubt, indeed, Chief Marvin Mailey has done a tremendous job in the areas of mitigating gang activity, shootings and criminal enterprise in the city of Dover and he will be truly be missed.

Furthermore, his direct, bold and respectful approach has exhibited a victorious effort which will not go unrecognized or unnoticed among the citizens of Dover despite any formal or informal recognition of his accomplishments.

Roy Sudler

Nevertheless, I believe that the capital of the first state acknowledged as Dover, Delaware must improve their efforts to deal with complex race relation issues centered on reporting hate crimes effectively and the quality of police service in the protection of all citizens of Dover.

Moreover, the status quo of public safety ordinances as well as those who refuse to deal with complex diverse issues in the areas of procurement of state and local contracts and the pursuit of equal justice for all in my humble opinion contribute to the stagnation of growth and development in not only the city of Dover but also the state of Delaware.

Besides, regardless of how one chooses to serve our communities, it is most imperative that “We The People” hold our representatives accountable, including myself.

Therefore, let it be known that in the capacity in which I chose to serve my constituents, I not only want a better society for our great state of Delaware, but I truly believe that our state and local governments are equipped with all the knowledge, skills and abilities to lead the rest of the country to a platform that exudes immaculate service to our citizens of the United States.

In sum, my fellow citizens of Delaware, let’s set aside the old guard and step it up together to illustrate why we are the capital of the First State (Delaware).

Roy Sudler, Jr.
4th District, City of Dover Councilman

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