Letter to the Editor: National Popular Vote against people’s wishes

So our elected officials think banding together with other states, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, will make our Electoral College votes count even more. How is it that no Republican-controlled states signed on to this excellent idea?

All 14 of these states are controlled by Democrats and we’re going to let the popular vote decide who gets our votes. What about the people of Delaware’s decision? If we vote to the Republican side, our vote would be voided out by who California, New York and Illinois decide. I don’t want these three states deciding anything for me.

They can’t run their own states and we want them to decide the outcome of a national election? We’ll have no say whatsoever. Just as well stay at home and watch a soap opera. I know, how about Kent and Sussex County voters stay home and let New Castle County decide for the state who gets elected to what positions? That would save a tremendous amount of time and money. The state could cancel the purchase of those new voting machines and maybe just have call-in voting.

We trust the people to make the right choices, right? And we know the people calling in are registered/legal voters. The Electoral College system works and for that reason it must be changed. It caused the Democrats to lose an election and you’re still crying about it. You say Hilary won the popular vote by over 2 million votes with the majority of those coming from California. I wonder, how many of those votes were by illegal/undocumented aliens? We can guestimate, but we’ll never have an accurate number until we have a national voter ID law, which these 14 states will fight to the bitter end.

Don’t sign this into law Gov. Carney. It’s not what the people of Delaware want and not what we deserve. David Bentz should be recalled and removed from office for ever suggesting this legislation. To give away our sovereignty to another state goes against the freedoms we’ve fought so hard to acquire.

The legislature has gotten out of hand and it’s time to rein them in. This constant race to the liberal side of life is destroying this state and this great nation. Believe it or not, like or not, you can’t have a government program for everything. I think it’s time we have term limits as well for all our elected officials.

Or maybe we should ask California, New York and the rest of the 12 states first?

Jerry Clifton

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