Letter to the Editor: National security at our borders

(Last) week will stand out as a huge step for our great republic. We finally get the security that was promised by our founding fathers from without and within. Border security is the hallmark of any nation with a hope for stability and success. 2020 is almost an assured win for common sense (read no socialism).

The left will soon enough be held up to close scrutiny for an investigation into a presidential candidate without probable cause. A sitting president may not be prosecuted, But you sure can prosecute a former POTUS, a former CIA or FBI director or any other government official who abused their position for gain or by violating a citizen’s rights knowingly. Donald Trump has some obvious flaws no doubt about that, but love of country is not one of them.

I think that as future historians look back on this decade, Obama and his anti-republic rhetoric will be duly relegated to the file 13. The Supreme Court is the final arbiter of law in our great nation and they have spoken. Oh and by the way in case you missed your civics class in high school, impeachment requires that the House indicts and the Senate must convict, i.e. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. (Richard Nixon resigned because he knew they had the votes to impeach.

I encourage all voters who are dissatisfied with the course of our republic to exercise your franchise in 2020 and vote. I will fight and sacrifice all I have for your right to speak freely. Would you?

T.S. Clark

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