Letter to the Editor: Nazi comparisons go too far

Mr. Sowers,

With respect to your editorial of June 20, “Mueller failure? My foot!” it is obvious that we disagree on the report, its findings, and why the Mueller probe was even instituted. I understand why someone of your political persuasion and mindset disagrees with me, and that is truly your right; however, when you make reference to Nazi Germany, you exhibit the kind of mindless and senseless thought and words currently being spouted by many Democrats. It is that kind of destructive language and mindset that will destroy our Democratic Republic. I would ask if you truly understand the real meaning of your words, but…..?

It found it interesting that you would use the phrase “propaganda success” in the first paragraph of your editorial and then slyly add the reference to Nazi Germany in your last.

I find your reference to Nazi Germany deplorable, oops, I did not mean to cite Hillary, and can only think that people like yourself and those who think like you are clueless to your use of the words “propaganda psychology.” Do you understand the real meaning of the “final solution?”

I am OK with you disagreeing with me, but comparing me to the butchers of Nazi Germany indicates that you have totally lost the ability to have a cogent argument or conversation about our differences. Rather, you would imply that any supporter of the president is no better than a supporter of the Third Reich.

It is that type of thought and rhetoric that is going to catapult the president into office for four more years. You Democrats need to understand that dragging disagreements into the mud, then trying to take the high road isn’t going to play in Peoria. It might here in Delaware as we are ruled by the Democrat Boss Tweed machine of New Castle County, but understand Art, it’s a big country out there.

Disagree with me if you must, but don’t ever compare my thought process to that of Nazi Germany. If you have any intelligence at all, try using a cogent argument to disagree with me, not the false Democratic talking points that are destroying our Democratic Republic.

Your comments insult my service to our nation that included deployments to Bosnia, Africa, Kuwait and Afghanistan.

Frank Daniels
Colonel, (Ret), USAR

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