LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New trail in Rehoboth is much appreciated

I am writing to thank Mayor Khuns and the Rehoboth Beach commissioners for the new trail through Grove Park next to the canal.

This trail enables cyclists to avoid the traffic circle and cut through Grove Park to the bridge. Until DelDOT makes changes to the bridge and sidewalk, cyclists will have to walk their bikes across the bridge but this is certainly better than trying to navigate the often congested circle which can be dangerous for even the experienced cyclist.

This should have been an easy decision and move but the former mayor was against this idea. Commissioner Kathy McGuiness knew the route through the park made sense so she and others persevered until the right decision was reached.

Now Rehoboth Beach has a wonderful path for residents and visitors trying to connect with the Junction Breakwater and Gordon’s Pond trails.

If you have not ridden or seen this wonderful trail please check it out and thank Commissioner McGuiness and Mayor Khuns and the other commissioners for getting this done.

Ray Quillen

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