LETTER TO THE EDITOR: No benefit to Iran to keep U.S. peace agreement

As a former history teacher, I would like to offer some corrections and comments in reference to a letter to the editor from another history teacher of Viola who wrote his letter, “No benefit to Iran to break agreement” [Aug. 12], to offer corrections to a letter written by Mr. Fred Smiga of Frederica [“21st-Century Chamberlain,” Aug. 5].

In due respect, the Viola former teacher was correct about the date of the Munich Agreement being signed on Sept. 30, 1938. But he wasn’t satisfied with the correction of that date; he had to further bloat his tutorial dominance by making reference to the same date of Sept. 30, but a year later (1939), when Poland supposedly surrendered to the Germans. His assumption is not factual for two reasons.

First, the date is wrong. There was no surrender on the 30th, but on the 27th. Second, it wasn’t Poland that surrendered, but the city of Warsaw, on the 27th. Factually, Poland, as a nation, never officially surrendered. So, don’t let a former history teacher con you into believing that the Warsaw surrender was the same as Poland surrendering. The following excerpts from various Internet sources will confirm the above facts.

From Wikipedia: Poland never formally surrendered to Germany,” again, “Poland never officially surrendered to Germans. Under German occupation, the Polish Army continued to fight underground, and again, “On 6 October, following the Polish defeat at the Battle of Kook, German and Russian forces gained full control over Poland. The success of the invasion marked the end of the Second Polish Republic, though Poland never formally surrendered.”

From Ask.com: This Day in History, Sept. 27. “On this day in 1939, 140,000 Polish troops are taken prisoner by the German invaders as Warsaw surrenders to the superior mechanized forces of Hitler’s Army,” again, “After heavy shelling and bombing, Warsaw surrendered to the Germans on Sept. 27, 1939.”

From Poland WW2 Timeline, it shows that Polish resistance lasted into Octoner. “Oct. 2. The last valiant gap of Polish resistance — numbering some 4,500 soldiers under the command of Admiral Unruh — north of Danzig on the Polwysep Helski peninsula falls to the Germans.” So much for the facts.

Another matter about this modest former teacher of Viola is his insulation that he knows that the Iran agreement must have provisions for inspections and specified consequences if they break it. He must know more than John Kerry knows. According to a video clip shown on Hal Lindsey’s program on the Daystar channel on Aug. 9, John Kerry was directly asked if he had read the Agreement. His answer: No. He was asked if he knew of anyone who had read it. His answer: No. Evidently, the Pelosi system was used to accept it: “We have to accept it before we know what’s in it.”

Anyone who is gullible enough to believe the Iranian mullahs can be trusted better mull over their beliefs. The Koran is Iran’s “Mein Kampf” and it tells just what the mullahs would do when the opportunity would come for them to gain control of any place — just like Hitler did in “Mein Kampf.”

The Iran agreement will not mean any more than the Munich Agreement — an agreement of deceit. Time will tell, for it is the Tester of all things.

Jack M. Beck
Former Caesar Rodney High
history teacher
Ordained Southern Baptist

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